Sydney Initiative for Truth | Is Truth Dead? How to be Informed: Navigating Post-Truth Cultures
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Is Truth Dead? How to be Informed: Navigating Post-Truth Cultures

THURSDAY, 4 MAY, 6:00PM – 8:30PM

‘IS TRUTH DEAD?’ HAS COME AND GONE. But you can listen to a recording of the conversation here

The disregard for evidence.
The denial of accountability.
A contempt for experts.

Welcome to the era of post-truth.

When it comes to debating issues of great contemporary significance—whether carbon footprints or food supply, presidential campaigns or city planning, health policy or anti-terrorism—evidence and logic have begun to count for less. Facts, rational thought and expertise are losing out to emotions, personal hunches and prejudices.

Why is this happening? And why is it happening now? What constitutes ‘a fact’ in our contemporary worlds? How can we tell? Is truth dead?

Our expert panel, led by the faculty’s new Dean, Professor Annamarie Jagose, will examine the very real threats to justice, democracy and progress in this era of post-truth.

Prof. Nick EnfieldChair of the Department of Linguistics

Dr Celine Van GoldeAssociate lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Charles FirthCofounder and Managing Editor of The Chaser.


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