Sydney Initiative for Truth | PODCASTS | Perspectives from the Post-Truth Initiative
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PODCASTS | Perspectives from the Post-Truth Initiative

In these quick-fire podcasts (around 7 minutes each), members of the Post Truth Initiative at the University of Sydney each give a concise insight into their perspective on the Post-Truth Crisis.


“It’s finding the bull, rather than just the bullshit”: David Schlosberg on sources of environmental spin in Australia.


“Food is very subjective, and very personal”: Alana Mann on the dilemma of communicating complex food realities in an increasingly distorted media environment.


“Truth matters to people”: Nick Enfield on the brute force of truth


“We aren’t acting, so in effect we are the same as a climate denier”: Joy Murray on the difference between acknowledging, and acting upon, environmental truth.


“Truth varies not only through space, but also through time. Truth has a history”: John Keane on the history, geography, and innate contingency of truth.

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