Sydney Initiative for Truth | Trust and Transparency in Nutrition Science: From Clinical to Meta-Research
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Trust and Transparency in Nutrition Science: From Clinical to Meta-Research

Morning tea provided, please RSVP here

Public trust in science depends on both real and perceived threats to the rigor and reproducibility of its methodological process. This seminar will explore common biases and statistical errors in nutrition and obesity scientific literature, as well as ways to improve transparency and reliability by prioritizing open science methods. P-hacking, a biased process of obtaining p-values, is one such issue that will be elucidated, and methods which preclude its practice will be described.


Dr Cynthia Kroeger is a postdoctoral fellow and interdisciplinary researcher in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, School of Pharmacy, based at the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC). Her expertise includes research integrity and bias, open science, and behavioral interventions for obesity. Her current work examines biases in the evidence base used globally to develop dietary guidelines and the impact of life-time exposure to trauma on the autonomic nervous and metabolic systems, behavior, and obesity. She is a member of the Bias in Research node at the CPC.


October 11 @ 01:50
01:50 — 03:20 (1h 30′)

R. D. Watt Building A04, Room 200, Science Rd The University of Sydney NSW Australia 2006

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