Sydney Initiative for Truth | VR meets Global Supply Chain Workshop
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VR meets Global Supply Chain Workshop

Big Brand Bunkum

Aim of the project: to improve the life experiences of exploited workers in global supply chains

Aim of the two-day program: to provide the foundations for writing a funding bid based on the ideas expressed in the background paper: Big Brand meets VR.

Objectives of the program day one, to learn enough about analysis of supply chains and the capabilities of virtual reality (VR) to understand what possibilities there may be in bringing the two together to provide a novel approach to behaviour change;

day two, to spark ideas on how a VR supply chain experience could work; to develop some creative approaches to accomplishing a VR supply chain experience powerful enough to change behaviour; and to identify areas of expertise needed to accomplish such a task.


Participation: Join in any or all sessions according to interest (and time) – for catering purposes let us know which sessions you will attend. 

Download the background paper

The Quadrangle

Wed Feb 28th           Venue the Kevin Lee room, Level 6, Lobby H, The Quadrangle.

Take the MacLaurin Hall lift (near the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office in the South West corner of the Quadrangle Building) to level 6 and the room is to your left.

February 27 @ 09:00 — February 28 @ 17:00
09:00 — 17:00 (32h)

School of Physics The University of Sydney NSW Australia 2006, The Foundation Room Ground Floor

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